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J & S Medical services and sells Chiropractic tables. Some of what we service are Hill Tables, Lloyd Tables, Zenith Tables, Omni Tables, Chattanooga Tables, COX Tables, and many more. Click on the links below to see some of the tables we offer from some of the most popular manufacturers.

The tables you see above were broken and as you know, when that happens you can't see patients on them.  J & S Medical also offers preventative maintenance on your equipment to help prevent down time. Although sometimes equipment just breaks without any warning, J & S Medical can help prevent unwanted failure by spotting wear and tear or performance issues. Call today to schedule maintenance


Your chiropractic table in your facility allows you to do your job efficiently. I call it a tool in your toolbox, and without it can cost you money. J & S Medical can keep your equipment running at its peak efficiency. If your equipment is not serviceable J & S Medical can help you replace your equipment at a reasonable cost.

J & S Medical LLC. 

Equipment Sales and Service for Chiropractic, Physical Therapy and Medical offices.

***See important message below***

J & S Medical has merged with Stat Biomedical and will no longer be operating as J & S Medical. You will still be getting the excellent service you deserve and quick response as its always been.

If you need service please fill out the form on the Chiropractic or Physical Therapy page.

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