J & S Medical has merged with Stat Biomedical and will no longer be operating as J & S Medical. You will still be getting the excellent service you deserve and quick response as its always been.

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​Thank You for your business!!

Is your equipment working properly? Is it working but not like it used to? We'll keep your equipment working properly.

At J & S Medical, we are dedicated to providing professional services. We provide repair services, maintenance and annual electrical safety checks that meet local and state regulations. If you are looking to replace your equipment due to age or disrepair, J & S Medical will work with you to offer the best product for your buck that fits the needs of your practice. 

J & S Medical services chiropractic,  physical therapy and medical equipment for all of New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, Staten Island and Manhattan.  

​With over 20 years providing professional quality work I am sure you will be completely satisfied with our service.

J & S Medical LLC. 

Equipment Sales and Service for Chiropractic, Physical Therapy and Medical offices.

***See important message below***

J & S Medical services the following locations:

  • New Jersey
  • Eastern Pennsylvania
  • Manhattan 
  • ​Staten Island

J & S Medical offers the following services:

  • Chiropractic, Physical Therapy and Medical Equipment Repair
  • ​Electrical Safety Checks
  • ​Medical Equipment Sales and Service
1 (631) 472-7299
Stat Biomedical Tech Inc.

Cubicle Curtains:

Does your patients want privacy? Are you considering building walls to provide privacy for you patients. Ask for a quote for cubicle curtains to provide privacy for your patients at a low cost and meets local fire codes. Also, you will not need to purchase permits for installation. Call for a free quote today